Homeschool News & Views

Issue 85, Sept 7, 2008

From Homeschool Helpers

In association with Pass It On Ministries


By Dan L. White


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Recently it was announced that the unwed 17 year old daughter of a candidate for vice president is pregnant.This was used as a point of attack by those who usually advocate free sex.


Certainly to have a teen daughter get pregnant is one of a parentís worst nightmares.


The United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the industrialized world.The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy says there are about three quarter of a million teen pregnancies in the US each year.Four out of five of these are unmarried teens.


Sometimes the sin of fornication is compounded with the sin of killing.King David compounded his sin of adultery with Bathsheba by having Uriah killed.When a girl gets pregnant and then aborts the baby, that is the same mistake of compounding sin.


The seriousness of breaking the seventh commandment against sexual sin must not be overlooked.


The Ten Commandments have an order.Thatís how they can easily be memorized in short from.


The first four relate to God.First, donít have any other gods.Thatís the broadest commandment.The second commandment relates to Godís form -- donít worship any idols.The third commandment is about His name, not to take the name Yahweh in vain.The fourth commandment is about His day, to remember the Sabbath.


The fifth commandment, honor your father and mother, connects the commandments about God with the commandments relating to people.Children are to learn about God through father and mother.If the family breaks down, knowledge of God is lost.


The last five commandments tell how to treat people.Number six is donít kill.Thatís the worst thing you can do to somebody.Number seven is to commit adultery, or steal somebodyís present or future mate.Thatís the next worst harm you can do to someone.The next worst thing is to steal someoneís stuff.Next is to lie to him.And last and least, is to want to steal his mate or his stuff.


The commandment against sex sin is right after the commandment not to kill.Breaking the seventh commandment is the next sin to killing someone.It is most serious.I have had four personal friends whose mates left them for someone else.All of these forsaken friends soon came down with cancer.Three of them died.


Under the Old Covenant, the death penalty applied to adultery.In the New Covenant, Christ forgave the woman taken in adultery, who was about to be stoned, but He gave her the direct warning to sin no more.One of the great problems with casual Christianity is that they emphasize forgiving sin instead of overcoming sin.


When an unwed girl gets pregnant, that hurts the girl, her parents, and the baby.How can this destructive sin be avoided?


Teen pregnancy is a prevailing public school problem.Like so many other problems, such as drugs and violence, it thrives in the public school culture.


The social networking sites which are used by teens are some of the most prolific sources of pornography on the internet.I find that astounding.We expect the sources of internet porn to be sleazy, sick adults who are trying to make money from filth.But one of the main sources of internet porn is teen social sites, and the porn they put on is themselves.


Further, Family Safe Media says that the largest group of users of internet porn is young people between the ages of 12 and 17.


This, then, is public school porn.All of these hyper young porn people are obsessed with sex, and that is a dominant element in the school culture.Many teens who have fornicated said they did it because of peer pressure.They just conformed to the culture.


There is another part of the public school culture which is a sexual trap, even for those young people who do not believe in breaking the seventh commandment.That trap is going steady.Physical familiarity is a fire which can burn out of control, even among the best intentioned people.It is part of the lovemaking process which belongs in marriage, between adults who are prepared to have a family.


Many young girls have become pregnant only because they were going steady with someone they cared for, and did not put proper boundaries on the relationship.Going steady is an unquestioned part of the public school culture and leads to many teen pregnancies.


Teen pregnancies are a prevailing part of the public school culture.I have stated before that we heard through a school employee that a middle school here in the Ozarks had 18 pregnancies in one year.A whole Mormon offshoot compound was taken over in Texas because of a couple of teenaged girls were pregnant.Why is there no similar outrage over all these public school teen pregnancies?Is it not abusive to subject young people to such a destructive culture?


If you send your children to the public schools, there is a fractional probability that they will either conceive a child or catch a sexual disease.


So, then Ė


Does Christian homeschooling deter teen pregnancies?


It certainly does.


I donít think there are any official stats which have been collected on this.We have personal experience, though, which has been gained over more than a quarter century of being around Christian home school families.Notice that I always point out that we deal with Christian homeschoolers.Homeschooling has become so widespread that there are numerous secular homeschoolers in the bigger cities, as even leftwingers have fled the public schools.But these homeschoolers are liberal, no restraint people, and their results will be different.I consider a Christian homeschool family as one who homeschools primarily to teach right values and who has stuck with it for at least three years.There are always unconvicted dabblers who come in and out.Homeschooling is no place for half-hearted parents.


Here is what we have observed.


We have seen kids bring the public school culture with them into homeschooling.Indeed, often parents resort to homeschooling because of such problems, as they try to correct an already bad attitude.That permissive attitude may not be turned, and a teen girl who is fairly new to homeschooling may get into trouble.Again, that problem came from the public school culture.


We have seen Christian homeschool grads lose their bearing and wind up bearing a child out of family.These are not high school girls, but adults.Christian homeschooling does not cure human nature.It does show young people how to overcome it, if they will follow that path.Some will always choose not to follow that path.


Some forsake Christ completely.Others take a wrong road for a while.Then when they bang up against the consequences of their actions, they turn back, because they know where to turn back to.


The sum of our experience about the problem of teen pregnancy in Christian homeschooling Ė


There isnít one.


Teen pregnancy is not a prevailing problem among Christian homeschoolers.


They are not part of the sex obsessed culture.Therefore they do not become obsessed with it themselves.


Many Christian homeschool families do not believe in the normal public school approach to dating and going steady.One of the most popular books among homeschoolers is I Kissed Dating Goodbye, by a homeschooled young man.Families often follow a pattern of courtship which avoids the going steady trap, and in all cases they stress morality and proper behavior.Christ is the center of the culture.


Teen pregnancy is a terrible problem in the public schools.Christian parents, whoever they are, who send their kids to the public schools are risking the happiness of three generations.It is not worth that risk.


Someone may burrow down and find an exception Ė although I have never known one personally Ė but their exception will prove the rule.Teen pregnancy is not a prevailing problem among Christian homeschoolers.


This is Dan White, and indeed, God bless the Christian homeschoolers.